We repair PC bugs and other software issues at your business site.  We install and set up your new software and manage your software upgrades.

We replace hardware components and ensure that you experience as little downtime as possible due to faulty computer equipment.

Qubit Technologies offer data backup solutions tailored for your business.  Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. 

Qubit Technologies will supply and set up all your new hardware, including PC's, Laptops, Tablets and all other computer components.  

We set up new networks and do maintenance on existing networks.  We will troubleshoot and find solutions to any network issues you experience in your company.

We also install new CCTV systems, do maintenance and troubleshoot CCTV issues.  We replace faulty connectors, set up your CCTV for cloud storage where possible or needed.  

Creative Solutions

At Qubit Technologies we understand that each of our clients'have unique ICT needs.  We are here to assist and there is no shortage of of innovation and creativity in solving the problems companies and individuals struggle with daily.  If you consider making use of Qubit Technologies, fill in the form below or get in touch telephonically.  We will be happy to provide a free estimate and assist in any way we can. 

Standard Call - Out Fee

R350-00 including the 1st hour labour and traveling time.  

Labour Cost p/h

R260-00 p/h on site per technician.

ICT Parts

We supply all parts needed for call-out repairs. 

After Hour Service

We offer an after hour call-out service and even schedule larger installations after hours when needed.